Increase your sales and automate your customer service with a Commercial ChatBot.

OhWhatAChat learns from you. Install it in your website, the ChatBot will answer the FAQ and redirect the important conversations to your agents.

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How it works

  • Train your AI ChatBot by creating a knowledge base

    Train your AI ChatBot by creating a knowledge base with all frequently asked questions and answers from your customers.

  • Customers obtain aswers from your AI ChatBot inmediately

    Your customers obtain answers from your ChatBot AI immediately based upon the information you provided and it forwards only key queries to you.

  • The AI Chatbot takes all queries

    It takes all key queries from your OhWhatAChat account in the web or from the app in your mobile phone.

  • AI Chatbot captures your customer's contact information

    The ChatBot captures your customer's contact information when the conversation takes place outside working hours.

Your customers obtain immediate response while you save time and increase your sales.

The perfect balance between virtual and human service. The ChatBot provides technical and commercial support with answers to frequently asked questions and it only forwards the conversation upon key queries. It manages support from your mobile phone simply and efficiently.

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Benefits for your business

  • AI Chatbot improves response time

    Improve response time

    The AI ChatBot answers quickly and efficiently all frequently asked questions from your customers and helps you to reduce management of repetitive queries. Your customers obtain immediate information and you monitor key queries from your mobile phone or computer.

  • Having a chatbot is cost-efficient


    A 24-hours AI ChatBot in your website that allows you to optimize your investment in technical support or customer service, so you can focus on those key tasks of your business.

  • Chatbot improves interacion with costumers

    Improve interaction with customers

    Setting up an AI ChatBot generates further customer commitment, retention and loyalty and therefore, your sales increase. At the same time, it opens a direct and immediate communication channel with them.

  • AI Chatbot increases performance and efficiency

    Increase performance and efficiency

    Obtaining direct feedback from your customers will help you to know them, innovate and relaunch your current products or services. It quickly identifies strong areas and those which still require to be adjusted in order to increase the efficiency of your improvement processes.

  • AI Chatbots offer further transparency

    Offer further transparency

    Obtaining clear and immediate information is highly valuable for your customers. The AI ChatBot instantly helps you to trace the status of your customers' queries, product delivery or answer the FAQ.

  • Chatbot helps understand customer behaviour

    Understand customer behaviour

    The analysis of your customers’ conversations will help you to better understand purchase trends and your customer behavior. Thus, you can make your decision based upon accurate information.


Easy, quick, powerful.

Implementing an AI ChatBot in your web is very easy.

  • Train your AI chatbot

    Train your AI ChatBot

    Provide answers to the most frequent queries. Complete our suggested list or add your own questions.

  • Install the chatbot by adding our script

    Add our script

    Install the AI ChatBot by pasting the script in your website code.

  • Dowload the App

    Download the app

    Install the application in your Apple or Android device and enter your user name and password.

  • Chatbot AI answers questions and generates sales

    You are set!

    Relax while the AI ChatBot answers questions and generates sales. It’s that easy!